Olympian Fallen Shifter #1

In a world of magic and danger, the love of a goddess and a shifter is destined to become legend… or end in heartbreak.

Artemis, goddess of the hunt, must rescue her beloved golden stag from Earth, but the only way she obtains passage there, is by promising the Oracle she will fall in love with a mortal, and then give him up to return to Olympus.

On Earth, she accidentally injures a bear with her bow, but not just any bear… a shifter. Ruler of his domain, Xander is compassionate, and protective of all, including Artemis.

Artemis falls hard and despite her vow of chastity, finds her primal urges for Xander drawing her closer to losing her stag forever, cursed to suffer horrific deaths for all eternity.

When a sociopathic shifter seeks to destroy everything on Earth, Artemis is backed into a corner and will have to make a choice… a choice that will change the very fabric of history.

An exciting paranormal romance featuring Greek gods, steamy moments, and sexy shifters, The Huntress is an exciting love story with action and adventure on every page. Readers will get a thrill out of reading this incredible fantasy novel by USA Today bestselling authors Felicia Starr and J.A. Culican.

Released October 17, 2017

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