Coming July 25, 2016

Breaking The Darkness 003 - DeliriumBreaking the Darkness #3

While trapped in her dreams by Phaela’s sleep spell, Kasha’s friends search desperately for an antidote but soon realize it will not be so simple. And they find themselves encountering perilous obstacles on their mission to rescue their beloved friend.

Kasha’s dreams will force her to confront her heart’s nemesis, and while she wants no part of Kaden, he could be her true salvation.

Kasha must be willing to sacrifice everything, even seducing her captor, who seeks the unthinkable from her. Will her plan work, or will her friends find a way to break the sleep spell in time to save her?

Coming July 25, 2016

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Want to Help Tell People About Delirium’s Release?

With the upcoming release of DELIRIUM, Felicia Starr has a few different promotions running.  Even if you don’t have a book blog, we still have a great way for you to help out.  One of those is a HeadTalker campaign.

When you choose to support a campaign, you are granting HeadTalker a one-time authorization to post the campaign message to your social media account(s) of choice on the campaign date (in this case, the message is announcing the release of the book, and the campaign date is July 26th). That’s it! It’s a quick, painless, and FREE way to help support your favorite authors.




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